Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two new flutes for RavenClaw

One of my favorites, of the small handful of truly talented flute makers in the world today, is Geoffrey Ellis of Earthtone Flutes I recently ordered an F#m from him a few weeks back. The wait reminded me of when I was a kid, just about a week before Christmas, except this time I couldn't do the re-wrap operation that I turned into a true artform.

Well, the triangle box arrived to me by one of my footman from our company mailroom. I opened it and found myself subtly removing a tear from my eye as what I held in my hands was the most substantial and truly magnificant works are art I have held in my hands. I put it to my lips and it practically pulled a melody from deep within me and practically played itself! Of course I could then be seen hunching my shoulders, clenching my hands around the flute and stroking it, admiring the detail of the curly redwood and the fine craftsmanship that embodied the soul of this flute. It was through squinty, shifty eyes and salivating lips that selfishly continued to grasp my flute and to continue to feel its weight and think of all the wonderful music I would be playing on it. It was MINE! MINE I SAY! MUAHAHA!

Boy, I sure hope I didn't say that out loud. At that point I heard something outside of me speak....

"My Precious"

"What was that? Oh, no matter..."

I was now officially addicted to Geoffrey's flutes.

The next day I learned that Geoffrey was one of the confirmed vendors that will be attending the Loping Wolf Winter Festival (please see previous blog entry) and I picked up the phone and promptly ordered a E so that it would be waiting there for me when I arrived.

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