Saturday, November 17, 2007

The First Gathering of the Sierra Raven Clan Announced

Our first Gathering will be January 12th, 2008, and will be held every second Saturday of each month. Our Gathering spots will be held in different locations, ranging from our reserved space at the Aronos Club to near the lakes and forests that are all a stones toss from our lovely area here in the Mother Lode. Each month's Gathering spot will be announced on our website

The location of the first Gathering will be at the Aronos Clubhouse:
37 East Elkin Street
Sonora, CA 95370

Getting there is easy from downtown. If you go up the hill toward Columbia on Washington street, turn right just at the Red Church after the underground parking garage. That is East Elkin. Go up the hill a half block and its the green building on the right. If you make a left there you can find plenty of parking in the surrounding area. Worst case scenerio is to park at the museum or underground garage and walk up the hill for about one block.

We have entered into an agreement to rent this spot every second Saturday from 2-4 pm. Granted, when the weather is nice we will head to the Great Outdoors!

If you do not have a flute and would like to pick one up locally, there are a couple of local resources that offer entry level flutes with a DVD that shows you how to get started. If you can wait a few weeks, there are several flute makers that can custom make you flute that will last a lifetime for about twice the amount.

With the help we can give you, you will be playing in very short order as the Native American flute is one of the easiest instruments to begin playing with just a few fundamentals under your belt. Contact us for more info at

Stay tuned!

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