Thursday, November 1, 2007


We have yet to set a time for our first gathering. Much has to be put into place first. Here is my personal laundry list and updates.

1) While I have the initial thumbs up from Mike, there must be an official NCFC approval for the Sierra Raven Clan's affiliation with the NCFC - which shouldn't be a problem, but such things take time. However, we must receive this approval before going public and, thus, publically associating the Sierra Raven Clan with the NCFC. Until receiving official word from the Board of Directors approve, we will move forward with building the website and making plans to build a local circle here in the Motherlode.

2) We have to first set a date for our very first gathering and then market it to the local area to both assess and spark interest. Mike has generously offered assistance to help us get off the ground, to perhaps even include a beginners lesson for new fluties.

3) I have contacted the Columbia State Park ranger and received permission to gather and play in the picknic area of the State Park whenever we want, without need for permits, etc. Her words were "thats what parks are for".

4) Until we have local members who might like to enter into a Flute Circle rotation for gathering and playing in their respective homes, I am investigating outdoor areas like Columbia State Park in our local area that we could meet. Another idea could be to meet in Rotary Park in lower Sonora and, quite possibly, Utica Park in Angels Camp. I am keeping upcoming weather in mind as I plan these... for next summer/spring it might be fun to go to Big Trees and perhaps have an annual Flute campout weekened. They have a group campsite that holds 60 for very little money. More on such things later.

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