Saturday, February 28, 2009 now live!

WhiteRaven-Hosting is now live! We are very competitive and can offer simple website packages if you do not have a website. I have several known flute and drum makers as clients, and specialize in flute circle websites. With the economy as it is, I also specialize in trades. Quite often my clients will trade for the very products they sell, and it becomes a win/win situation with no money exchanging hands.

Contact us if you are interested in discussing a website and/or hosting package!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

BlackWolf Drums now open!

BlackWolf Drums ( is now open for business!

We are updating and polishing the site, but the site is up.

BlackWolf Drums will be a Gold Sponsor this year at the Yosemite Flute Festival and we will be selling our infamous Fox Tail drums. Made from the choicest Elk belly rawhide and top quality frames, the drums will be embellished with genuine tails of fox (Red and Silver fox), and will be adorned with feathers.

If a plain drum is all you need so that you can adorn it yourself, we will also be offering a drum making clinic as well.

Stay tuned both here and at for updates!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Sierra Raven Clan Signature Flute!

The new Sierra Raven Clan Signature Flute is now available!

It is an Anasazi Flute, which were the prehistoric flutes found in Broken Flute Cave near the 4 corners. This is a modern reproduction of the Anasazi flute; its reappearance was made possible by the work of Doctor Richard Payne, and flute maker/recording artists Coyote Oldman (Michael Allen Graham) and later by the recording artist Scott August. The Anasazi flute is taking the world by storm and finding popularity as far away as Japan and Eastern Europe, and beyond!

This flute is made my Master Flute Maker Geoffrey Ellis of The flute you see here is in Black Walnut, with Mother of Pearl and Red Coral inlay. Black Elk leather wraps the flute you see, with Raven wing feathers.

It is concert tuned to Ab/ G# and comes in standard A=440 hertz as well as the new Verdi/ Universal Tuning! Verdi tuning is A=432 hertz.

For more info email

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sierra Raven Clan Hosts Mark Holland and Scott Robinson!

The Sierra Raven Clan, in conjunction with the Sonora Drum Circle and the Sierra Nonprofit brings you Wind and Fire!

When: July 23rd at 7 pm
Where: Sonora Senior Center off Greenley Road.
Who: Mark Holland and Scott Robinson!
Info: Contact Concert Promoter Cryss BlackWolf at for ticketing and workshop information. Tickets can be purchased at Aria 51 on N. Washington Street in Sonora.

Mark and Scott team up again for an intimate concert series under the name Wind and Fire. We are honored to have them in Sonora!

We are working out the details to perhaps offer a drum clinic for those interested before the concert, hosted by world class drummer Scott Robinson!

Several of the top Master Flute Makers have donated flutes for this event. There will be drawing tickets for these flutes for cash donations. More info on the drawing soon! This drawing will also inlcude a Mark Holland 2009 Signature flute!! A local flute maker will also be present, selling quality flutes at a reasonable price. He has also donated flutes for the drawing.

BIO from their site:
Wind & Fire featuring Mark Holland, one of the USA's most innovative Native American & world flute performers, with world percussionist extraordinaire N. Scott Robinson. Together their masterful concert performances astound audiences across the USA. Both skilled musicians and effective teachers, they tour as a unique duo of flutes and world percussion giving concerts and a special workshop on and how to play flute & world percussion together. They also teach private lessons on flute & world percussion while touring.

Their work has been featured on the Public Radio International show Echoes and its live Living Room Concerts, hosted by John Diliberto. Their music has been featured on 2 previously released CDs by Autumn's Child entitled In Performance and Progressive World.
Their new duo CD Wind & Fire will be out in April 2009 for their Spring, Summer & Fall tour of the USA.

Mark Holland

Scott Robinson

Wind and Fire:

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spring 2009 Drum Making Class in Amadore County

More info soon!

Calaveras County Drum Making Class

I was asked to facilitate another Drum Making class for our Sister Circle in Angels Camp, held every Monday evening at 630 pm in the Mercantile on Main Street downtown. We will be holding it in Murphys on Jan 11th. Contact me if you are interested as space is limited and filling up fast.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Drum Birthing: Tuolumne County Drum Making Class a Success!

I want to thank everyone who came to my drum making class. It was such a huge success. The atmosphere of the room lent power to the project at hand, and so much healing energy went into those drum that it was almost unfathomable.

As we talked about before, about the process of "remembering", it took very little instruction before everyone started making their drums as if an instinctual element in each one present just took over. Judy F. who has very little hand strength was tightening her drum as if she had made 100 of them before. I was commenting about my "bass player hands/fingers" and how I rely on my hand strength for tightening the drums (as the Native Peoples didn't have needle nose pliers) as much as possible. Before I took over to give the last couple rounds of tightening with the group and the tying of the handles, hers was the one drum that required the least tightening.

This really drives home the point that when we make a drum, we really step into a time-shift and consciousness shift. One can explain it in several different ways, but I will leave that to the reader but needless to say, it was amazing to see people instinctually helping each other as if they had done this before, and to see and feel the energy of the room.

Since the drums take 4 days to dry, we will all be "birthing" our drums for the first time at drum circle on Wednesday. I cannot wait to "feel" that room.

The biggest thanks go to Jefferey and Cindy, whom made this possible, and whom shared the time before the class to smudge and pray. You both are so dear to me. Thank you for your spirit.