Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Sierra Raven Clan Signature Flute!

The new Sierra Raven Clan Signature Flute is now available!

It is an Anasazi Flute, which were the prehistoric flutes found in Broken Flute Cave near the 4 corners. This is a modern reproduction of the Anasazi flute; its reappearance was made possible by the work of Doctor Richard Payne, and flute maker/recording artists Coyote Oldman (Michael Allen Graham) and later by the recording artist Scott August. The Anasazi flute is taking the world by storm and finding popularity as far away as Japan and Eastern Europe, and beyond!

This flute is made my Master Flute Maker Geoffrey Ellis of The flute you see here is in Black Walnut, with Mother of Pearl and Red Coral inlay. Black Elk leather wraps the flute you see, with Raven wing feathers.

It is concert tuned to Ab/ G# and comes in standard A=440 hertz as well as the new Verdi/ Universal Tuning! Verdi tuning is A=432 hertz.

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