Sunday, November 9, 2008

Drum Birthing: Tuolumne County Drum Making Class a Success!

I want to thank everyone who came to my drum making class. It was such a huge success. The atmosphere of the room lent power to the project at hand, and so much healing energy went into those drum that it was almost unfathomable.

As we talked about before, about the process of "remembering", it took very little instruction before everyone started making their drums as if an instinctual element in each one present just took over. Judy F. who has very little hand strength was tightening her drum as if she had made 100 of them before. I was commenting about my "bass player hands/fingers" and how I rely on my hand strength for tightening the drums (as the Native Peoples didn't have needle nose pliers) as much as possible. Before I took over to give the last couple rounds of tightening with the group and the tying of the handles, hers was the one drum that required the least tightening.

This really drives home the point that when we make a drum, we really step into a time-shift and consciousness shift. One can explain it in several different ways, but I will leave that to the reader but needless to say, it was amazing to see people instinctually helping each other as if they had done this before, and to see and feel the energy of the room.

Since the drums take 4 days to dry, we will all be "birthing" our drums for the first time at drum circle on Wednesday. I cannot wait to "feel" that room.

The biggest thanks go to Jefferey and Cindy, whom made this possible, and whom shared the time before the class to smudge and pray. You both are so dear to me. Thank you for your spirit.

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