Friday, September 5, 2008

Local Drum Making Workshop

In conjunction with another drum circle in Tuolumne County, I have been asked to lead a drum making workshop. Space is already filling up. If anyone in the area wishes to attend, this workshop will cost you about half of what others do, since its really not for profit. We are using the finest octogon frames and the finest elk hides. The cost for a 15x4 inch drum is under $80.

I wanted to do this to combat those who offer cheap kits (with substandard hoops and skins) and workshops for $125-$150. You will pay that much for a drum like this premade as well.

The key is, making a drum is quite "spiritual" in experience, for lack of a better word. A symbiotic connection occurs with the drum and drummer, and really should be experienced by anyone who feels drawn to the drum. As such, we are bringing a low cost solution, with the highest grade materials, and are basically donating the hours to prepare and instruct.

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