Saturday, January 12, 2008

New NAFP Forums are up!

Hello friends of the Native American Flute Portal,
We are pleased to announce the launch of one of our most anticipated features: The NAFP Internet discussion forums!

So what is the NAFP Forum?
The forum is a full-featured internet discussion site, where members can gather to talk about all things related to the flute. There are ten separate topic areas within the forum where members can discuss anything related to N.A. and world flutes. There are separate forums for things like: General discussion, World Flutes, Live Performance and Recording, Flute Making and Product Reviews.
Members can start discussion threads and post samples of their own art and music. If you are new to the flute there is a Q&A forum where you can ask your questions and get helpful answers and there is a debate forum for folks who enjoy a spirited give and take!

How to get to the forums?
Just go to and click on "Forums".

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