Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sierra Raven Clan

Welcome to the Sierra Raven Clan blog. The Sierra Raven Clan was founded by as an outlet for many things including the appreciation for the Native American Flute and other world instruments. The Sierra Raven Clan has approached the Northern California Flute Circle (http://naflute.com/) to request official recognition and affiliation as a regional NCFC flute circle/ clan for the Sierra foothill regions encompassing the Tuolumne and Calaveras County areas. Our goal is to provide an outlet for those who wish to not only learn to play, but for those whose lives are already being enhanced by the Path of the Flute. Whether one is new or old to the flute, we all have so much to share and we can continue to learn together. It will also be our goal to also help spread the word about the NCFC and its benefits.

The catalyst for this was largely in part due to my participation as a back up musician at Grammy winning artist Mary Youngblood's 2007 performance deep down in the womb of Mother Earth at Moaning Caverns. The turnout was so fantastically large and well-received that I wanted to create an outlet to serve the local area as there is currently none.

I will update this blog with further news once I receive it.

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